An Addiction

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The very best way I have heard this described is as follows:

Using multi-million pound equipment to find tupperware in the forest

That pretty much sums it up, and it's taken over my life!  I now go out purely because of it, and when I go out for other reasons I look for opportunities to do it. It is called Geocaching.

It started last year, at the end of July when we found our first one near Centre Parcs at Penrith, since then we've found approximately 600 across the country including some in London, Manchester, Newcastle, York, The Lakes and lots of the County Durham countryside. We've also hidden the best part of 30 geocaches for others to find.  Join in the fun at


Darlo: No Fairy Tale, But Perhaps Happily Ever After

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The last few months have been clearly the most eventful in a particularly eventful lifetime of following Darlington Football Club.  The club has gone through numerous changes in the time have been a follower of Darlo since the late 80s. 

I have witnessed the full rollercoaster from relegation from the Football League, to consecutive promotions, further relegation, playoff heartache, two administrations, another relegation from the Football League, winning the FA trophy and yet another administration.  It's safe to say I thought I'd seen it all, but this season brings with it even bigger changes.

Heritage Park

This coming season a team that the FA calls Darlington 1883, but is simply known as Darlington Football Club to me and my fellow Darlo fans will begin a promotion chasing campaign in the Northern League at Bishop Auckland FC's Heritage Park.  So that's a drop of four divisions, in a ground with 24,750 less seats, and two less sides.  Players with full time jobs outside of the club but perhaps most importantly, owned by the fans!

The FA rightly or wrongly have harshly punished DFC with their enforcement of their view that DFC is now a new club, a view with is strongly refuted by the fans and interim board. The punishment was dished out because an agreement couldn't be made between DFC 1883 - the new company and the former chairman.  It was also not helped by the face that Mr Singh would sign across the 'Football Share' to the new company without attaching unacceptable conditions. Throughout all this the FA had managed to build up expectation by reacting positively to meetings with DFC 1883 before shocking the board and fans with their decisions.

As previously said, the important thing is that the club is now owned by the fans through a CIC (Community Interest Company) and will never again be at the mercy of a millionaire business man who is only there for the money.  This makes me, and I hope all other Darlo fans happy.  There is a great outlook for our future and it is entirely in our own hands.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the perfect situation, none of us would have chosen to be playing outside of Darlington and in the league we find ourselves, therefore the hard work starts right now.  There is a huge need to club together to achieve our goals both on and off the pitch, to get back into Darlington and into the Football League.  It's a long process of fundraising and volunteering that we have ahead of us, but with over 400 season tickets sold on the first day of sales and a rich calendar of fundraising events already organised (beginning with a Charity match on this coming Saturday featuring yours truly) the club looks to be on the right track already.



A New Club Formed in 1883

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DarloToday was effectually the end for Darlington FC, it looked grim.  Despite all the efforts made by the fans there was no sign of a way out. But as has become the style with the club in it's times of crisis last ditched attempts to sort this mess have appeared to be successful!

DFC 1883 - the fan's company - has acquired the assets of Darlington FC 2009, those assets include the club itself, along with it's name, badge and history.  This means that Darlington FC will carry on, not a new club in technical terms, but a new club in ownership, spirit and optimism.

So what is next? Now the new board of 1883 will apply to the FA for a 'Football Share' - a licence to play football, at this time the FA should make a decision on where in the football pyramid we will be placed.  Though that is expected to be around the Evostik Premier, meaning games with the likes of Whitby!

Darlington will also leave the Darlington Arena, and initially look to share a ground with a club in a nearby town, be that Bishop Auckland, Shildon or possibly Durham.  1883 have promised that a move back to Darlington will be a priority, and are exploring the possibility of a 'Sports Hub' on Blackwell Meadows - the site of the current Darlington Rugby Club facility.

It's come at a big cost to get free of the mess that previous chairmen have got us into, but optimism is back at the club, and the future is now in the hands of the fans, not the whim of one millionaire who may inevitably get bored as the previous few have.

This is the situation as I understand it, and I for one am now looking forward to our tour of the lower leagues in the pyramid.  Roll on next season!



Season Over

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DarloThe season finished yesterday for Darlington, a fairly comfortable 3-1 win against fellow financial strugglers Kettering Town. Thank god for that! It really is worrying that even by Darlo standards it has been the worst season I can remember.  Administration and relegation is a million miles away from the promise of the close of last season, and worse yet we don't know if the club is safe yet or even if we'll be going down just the one division.

The latest talk from the Darlington communities is that we need to move away from the Arena (not through choice), the problem with that situation is there are no grounds in the local area which can provide BSN standard facilities, and would therefore force us to move down further levels. All this though will be nothing if we cannot get a CVA sorted, as we'll purely not have a team to watch.

Everything is crossed.


Creating a Dynamic RSS Feed with PHP

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This project has required me to learn how to write a RSS feed for the first time, and I of course want this feed to be automatically generated by PHP from the database of posts.  My successful attempt can be subscribed to at: Check it out!

A quick run down of creating a PHP generated RSS feed

1. Begin by opening a php document in the usual way, and include your config information (for your database connection etc.) Set the Content-Type header as text/html


include 'config.php';

header('Content-Type: text/xml');

2. Query the database to retrieve your posts, make sure to include the title and content and any information you need to create your link (in my case the post id is required in the link), also you need the date formatted as per the fomatting below. Don't forget to include only active posts and limit it to around 10 items.

$all_posts = $mysql->query("SELECT, 
                                   date_format(from_unixtime(posts.date_created),'%a, %e %b %Y %T') as formatted_date
                            FROM posts
                            WHERE posts.status = 'active'
                            ORDER BY posts.date_created DESC
                            LIMIT 0, 10");

3. Begin the XML output and the RSS section exactly as below.

echo '<?xml version="1.0" ?>' . "\n";
echo '<rss version="2.0">' . "\n";

4. Open a channel section and set the title, description and link of the RSS feed, the link should be an exact link to your website.

echo '<channel>' . "\n";
echo '<title>Jonny Hope</title>' . "\n";
echo '<description>A blog full of the finest 100% pure Jonnyisms</description>' . "\n";
echo '<link></link>' . "\n";

5. In a while loop, moving through the posts queried from the database open a new item section, in each item section set the title, description (content), link and pubDate of your posts, not forgetting to to wrap your content in CDATA tags to avoid problems of the code it contains breaking your RSS feed.

while($post = $mysql->fetch_assoc($all_posts)) {
    echo '<item>' . "\n";
    echo '<title>' . $post['title'] . '</title>' . "\n";
    echo '<description><![CDATA[' . $post['content'] . ']]></description>' . "\n";
    echo '<link>' . $post['id'] . '</link>' . "\n";
    echo '<pubDate>' . $post['formatted_date'] . ' GMT</pubDate>' . "\n";
    echo '</item>' . "\n";

6. Finally close the channel and rss sections of the XML document and last of all close your PHP document.

echo '</channel>' . "\n";
echo '</rss>' . "\n";


Good luck in writing your own RSS document!


Buy Darlo

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So here it is, probably the last throw of the dice, and this time we need to throw a 750,000!

Darlington Football Club 1883, a new company has been formed, and it requires an investment in order to buy Darlington Football Club from the administrators. Three targets have been set to save the club. The first £250,000 will pay the football creditors and bring the club out of administration. The second £250,000 will pay the non-football creditors and save the team from an automatic relegation (or a second relegation if the worst happens on the pitch) and the final £250,000 will give us a war chest, the money we need to go on fighting in the future.

At the end of this fundraising the real hope is that Darlington will have a community run football club, which will be run in a sustatainable manner with in it's own means. Of course on top of that there is a need for interest in the team to be re-ignited and to a certain extent it already had been with the bumper crowds supporting the team but that does need to continue if the football club is to be a fully community funded enterprise. Sure enough money can be made outside of football by holding events but attendances are surely going to be key.

As you will have noticed to the left of this very post is the details on investing £100 (at this present moment in time) buys you 2 shares for the price of 1. So what are you waiting for, buy yourself a little big of football club!



Icons of the Tyne

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Icons of the Tyne

The famous structures around the River Tyne.

Location: The Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne/Gateshead


Bowes Museum

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Bowes Museum

This is a photograph of Bowes Museum.

Location: Barnard Castle